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Tifo color paper

The Tifo color paper is an emulsion paint with special additives. It has been specially adapted to our standard and premium papers. The Tifo color paper creates a matt finish even in the first order. After a short curing time, this is water-resistant and, thanks to the addition of latex particles, elastic and resistant. The Tifo color paper is very efficient and therefore ideal for paper choreographies with an individual touch. The color palette is extensive and covers the entire RAL color range. Special colors can be developed on customer request. The Tifo color paper is offered in 5 liter or 10 liter containers. Packed in a plastic bucket with a resealable lid. After a drying time of at least one hour, the paper can be packaged and transported. The paint is already mixed and ready to use. Of course, we also offer the color with the property of being flame-retardant. See Tifo color paper - flame retardant.

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