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Telescopic pole Maxi

The Maxi telescopic pole consists of several conically shaped fiberglass elements. The elements are wrapped 6 times and impress with their extremely robust and stable properties. The load limit ranges between 60-80 kg. The flagpoles are painted black. The telescopic pole consists of 5 equal-sized elements of 115 cm. 15 cm are conically internal and make assembly child's play. The pole closes in the closed state at the top end with a rubber stopper. The lower element is equipped with a fixed screw closure. The pole can be manually extended with a jerky motion after removing the rubber stopper. The conical processing allows for easy fixation of the elements and the pole is ready for operation. The diameter of the pole is 5.8 cm at the bottom and 2.9 cm at the top for the 5m pole.

The Maxi telescopic pole is also ideal for presenting large banners up to 6 meters in height.

To secure the elements, we offer a special fixing set in the accessories section to prevent unintentional retraction of the poles.

Protect the pole with our telescopic protective bags. We also offer the matching pole as an accessory.

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