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3D big sector banner sewn according to patterns premium

The 3D TIFO Banner is made from our selected polyester fabrics. Our fabrics impress with their good workmanship, strong tear resistance, the identical slightly shiny coloring and smooth surface structure. In addition, the fabric is weatherproof and can be used for the in -and outdoor area.

In the digital printing area, we offer the ideal material for a large banner with the polyester fabric flagtex air in the grammage.

The wind attack area is reduced by a full -surface hole structure in the polyester fabric. In addition, the wires or the cable tie can be optimally used for fastening thanks to these 0.5 cm holes. Excharge is excluded through a hot desolation procedure. The holes are no longer recognizable at a distance of 1 meter. The motif does not suffer from the hole structure.

In the area of ??3D banners sewn according to pattern, we use our premium flagtex polyester fabric flammable in the grammage 60 grams/m². With a thickness of 60 grams per square meter, the polyester flag fabric Premium is the quality product in our range of polyester flag substances. A high cooking density stands for very good tear resistance, color power and good processing options. The side edges are cut and desolate and consequently not franced. The painting property with our fabric paint or our choreo paint is excellent.

The 3D TIFO Banner can optionally be equipped with different clothing and the corresponding accessories. The palette ranges from attaching a hollow hem at the top and below, to the attachment of eyelets with a stock tape to the corners.

If we deliver the flag without a contour or shape section, the flag is surrounded with the double industrial seam.

If it is a motif or lettering, we can cut out the shape or contour. This is done in the hot cutting process. There is no double industrial seam. The attachment to the network is only feasible on site. We can produce special designs in special colors, sizes or quantities in our in -house textile factory on request. Please note the corresponding care instructions.